Open Letter to my following...

From a Mompreneur, Master Nail Tech and Beauty Educator Pioneer.

Hey Snob Mobb and all soon to be Snobs,

I wanted to first start off by asking right now in this moment as you sit and read this what are you doing ? Are you living your dream, writing your plan or actively working towards your goals ? IF NOT !! Log off & go do so!!

As a mom I speak to you from passion, as a entrepreneur I speak to you from hustle but as a human I’m speaking to you from my blessings. Weather if you have followed my journey from the beginning or just catching up now.... KNOW ! That GOD IS NOT FINISH with either of us yet ! I transitioned from being a Nurse to a nail tech an in a matter of 2.5 years have created a 5 figure monthly income triple my nurse salary by believing in myself and my craft.

I started Snob Nails to show woman that a 9-5 or “ Good government job IS NOT your only of way out. YOU ARE your own saving grace, YOU ARE your determining factor, the only thing holding you back is your own fear. But let me ask you what is fear? Fear is an excuse, an excuses are for the weak ! If I am vastly growing my empire as a mom of 2 with a special needs child, a child’s father that suffers from TBI & literally did a total 360 after a 9 year stint as Nurse, what is holding you back from taking that leap ?

With $100 I believed in me enough to take that an to turn it into 6 figures in less than 2 years. As a Beauty Educator Pioneer, I have dominated this field and don’t plan on letting up. My blessing over flow and I allow God to lead the way. Don’t think about the “what if’s”, ONLY focus on the “Look at God’s”.

Kiss your babies tonight & as you tuck them in, write your plan and join me on my journey as you unapologetically become a MOMprenuer


London Ward

Success is built from our own faith and belief in ones hustle.

London Ward

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