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Cyber Monday deal 1/2 off. 🙌🏽💅🏽
Go directly to link in bio. Click shop and register for class. •Sanitation
•Product Insight
•How to apply and size tips
•Proper Blending •Shaping •Powder to monomer ratio •EFile •Ombré pink and white
•Bling placement •3D flowers •Marble •Line work •Foil
•Apprenticeship .
Deal ends 12/5/19 MATERIALS provided for you to follow along, hands on while you tune in. .

You do not have to live in the DMV to attend this class. *****APPRENTICESHIP IS VAILID IN 42 USA STATES. Please make sure if you are  seeking licensure that your state honors apprenticeship. If not you may still attend class for skill purposes only.**** DONT JUST LEARN HOW TO DO NAILS, LEARN THE TIPS AND TRICKS TO SHAPING, APPLICATION & DESIGN. 🚨 You do not have to have experience or be licensed to attend this course🚨you may attend course if licensed and looking to upgrade your skill set. ALL AGES WELCOME TO ATTEND. ONLY AGES 17 and up ARE ELIGIBLE FOR LICENSURE. WORK IN A SHOP UPON COMPLETION OF COURSE.

Secret Santa class

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$350.00Sale Price